Meet your listeners where they are
How it works

PodRoll increases podcast consumption by driving listeners to their next episode

With relevant recommendations delivered right in the listening context, the audience listens on to discover new and engaging podcasts.

Meet listeners where they are

No special app required, show recommendations work in all the standard podcast players.

Relevant recommendations

Our matching algorithm optimizes recommendations to ensure listeners remain engaged.

Seamless transitions

The listener hears a quick intro to the recommended content, the show art updates and they can listen on.
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A new revenue opportunity

Podcast recommendations run after your last post-roll and don't conflict with any of the existing ad spots in your episodes opening up a completely new revenue stream for your show.

Complete control

Only approved content will run on your show. As new opportunities roll in you can approve or reject them in the PodRoll dashboard.

Simple setup

No need to move your podcast, PodRoll integrates with your existing hosting platform in just a couple of minutes.

Powerful podcast growth

Grow your existing audience or scale up a brand new show. PodRoll makes it easy to get your show in front of millions of podcast listeners who are interested in what you've got to say!

Tailored recommendations

Our podcast recommendation engine selects based on the content being consumed and the listening profile of the listener.

IABv2 Compliant

We only count downloads that strictly meet the current industry standard and ensure that recommendations are only delivered to active podcast listening environments.
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Works with your hosting platform

No need to move your podcast from your existing hosting platform, whether you want to buy or sell (or both) content recommendations integration into your hosting platform is simple and usually only takes a couple of minutes.

Buy, Sell and Monetize podcast recommendations to grow your podcast at scale.